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 Crystal Aquatics works hard to ensure that we have quality lifeguards and managers at every facility. Each employee goes through a personal interview process before being placed at a pool where they will excel. Once hired the employee begins an extensive training process.  Our employees will tell you that we are very demanding

employers, but the hard work is justly rewarded


With a strong lifeguarding staff and diligent supervision, we know that your swim season will be a success.

That is why we work so hard to attract and retain the best staff possible.


A lifeguard that is motivated and enjoys their work
is much more productive. At Crystal Aquatics, we offer many different incentives to the
lifeguards to keep morale high and ensure a friendly work environment.


The way to a lifeguard’s heart is through his/her stomach. Each pool receives lunch, Popsicles, watermelons, doughnuts or other treats courtesy of Crystal Aquatics a few times during the summer. We also provide gift certificates for local restaurants to pools that have done an outstanding job so the staff can go out to eat together.


Potential earning power is without a doubt the strongest influence when selecting a job. Crystal Aquatics has one of the highest pay scales in the industry, which helps us to attract the most experienced personnel. Crystal Aquatics does not “confiscate” money earned from swim lessons by our lifeguards. We allow our guards to retain one hundred percent of the money they earn from both private and group lessons.





Each area supervisor runs contests throughout the season such as “guard of the week” and “pool of the week” to reward the lifeguards who have shown initiative and effort at work and have helped to keep their pool safe and clean. These contests have objective criteria and points are earned to determine the winners. We have found that the contests make the job fun and help promote friendly competition

between co-workers and neighboring pools.


Crystal Aquatics holds tickets to the Nationals as well as an assortment of concert tickets. These tickets are used as bonuses to hard-working employees. On any given weekend you may find an off-
duty supervisor treating some of their employees to a day of fun at the ballpark.


 We want all Crystal employees to feel valued. We work very hard to promote a family atmosphere, which helps to build loyalty and keeps our good employees coming back year after year.



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