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Lifeguarding Certification Course

Lifeguarding Certification Course

May 17, 2019 – May 21, 2019 all-day
$285 lifeguarding course, $235 for shallow water lifeguarding
Lifeguarding Certification Course @ Vienna | Virginia | United States
This is a complete Lifeguarding course for people who do not currently have a valid lifeguarding certification. This course is appropriate for a first-year lifeguard or an experienced lifeguard that does not have a valid lifeguarding certification. Please read entire length of directions.

Step 1
-Determine if you need the Lifeguarding Certification or the Shallow Water Lifeguarding Certification. If you plan to work at a pool with a deep end you will need to take the Lifeguarding Certification. The Shallow Water Lifeguarding Certification is appropriate if you are working at a pool with a maximum depth of 5 feet. The Shallow Water Lifeguarding Certification is accepted at the following pools: Crossroads, Hopeswell, Somerset, Ridings of Blue Springs, Loudoun Crossing, Kirkpatrick Farms, Residences at Main, Martins Chase, Belmont Glen, Belmont Greene, East Stratford, Potomac Station, Farmwell Hunt and both Loudoun Valley Estates swimming pools.

Step 2-Look at the below list of pools to determine where you will take your course and who the instructor is.

Step 3-Payment To register for a lifeguarding course please make your check payable to the INSTRUCTOR at the location where you will be taking your course and mail the check to the Crystal Aquatics office:
   Crystal Aquatics
   Attn: Jenny
   4150 Lafayette Center Drive, Suite 300
   Chantilly, VA 20151
Cost for Lifeguarding Certification $285 Cost for Shallow Water Lifeguarding Certification $235

Step 4– Register with the American Red Cross The week of May 6, 2019 Jenny will email the students with a link to start the online portion of the class. There is approximately 8 hours of course work to be done online. If you do not complete the online portion by May 17 you will automatically fail the course and no refunds will be given.

Step 5– Skills The skills portion of the lifeguarding course will be held from May 17th through May 21st at your location listed below. On school days the class will meet for a few hours after school and on Saturday and Sunday the class will consume the majority of the day so keep your calendar totally clear. The instructors will contact you in May to give you an exact schedule of the course. You must attend the course in its entirety to pass.

Locations and Instructors Lifeguarding Certification courses, $285

All lifeguards from Newington Forest and Crosspointe will report to:
   Glen Eagles (Instructor Timothy Snyder)
   8275 Glen Eagles Lane
   Fairfax Station, VA 22039

All lifeguards from Fox Hunt, Cottontail, Orange Hunt, and Village West, will report to:
   Cottontail (Instructor Anna Fuentes)
   7000 Cottontail Court
   Springfield, VA 22153

All lifeguards from Fairfax Club Estates, Union Mills, and Hayden Village will report to:
   Fairfax Club Estates (Instructor Lilleigh Stevie)
   5601 Snowy Owl Drive
   Fairfax, VA 22032

All lifeguards from Sequoia Farms, Sheffield, Armfield, and International Country Club will report to:
   Sequoia Farms (Instructor Anson Stevie)
   5601 Snowy Owl Drive
   Fairfax, VA 22032

All lifeguards from Oakton Swim and Racquet and Penderbrook will report to:
Oakton (Instructor Alex Upright)
11714 Flemish Mill Court
Oakton, VA 22124

All lifeguards from Lakevale and Vienna Aquatic Club will report to:
   Vienna Aquatic Club (Instructor Tate Wilhelm)
   625 Marshall Road S.W.
   Vienna, VA 22124

All lifeguards from Country Club Hills will report to:
   Country Club Hills (Instructor Ben Sheridan)
   3622 Old Post Way
   Fairfax, VA 22030

All lifeguards from Cardinal Hill, Hamlet, and Langley will report to:
   Cardinal Hill (Instructor Erika Danish)
   9117 Westerholme Way
   Vienna, VA 22183

All lifeguards from Ashburn Farms will report to:
   Windmill (Instructor Erika Hanback)
   21400 Windmill Drive
   Ashburn, VA 20147

Shallow Water Lifeguarding Certification courses, $235:

All lifeguards from Crossroads, Somerset and Hopeswell’s Landing will report to:
   Somerset (Instructor Nicole Parnis)
   14701 Ducktan Loop
   Gainesville, VA 20155

All lifeguards from East Stratford, Loudoun Valley Estates, Farmwell Hunt, Martins Chase, Potomac Station, Belmont Greene and Belmont Glen will report to:
   Loudoun Valley Estates (Instructor Abigail Irons)
   43711 Hamilton Chapel Terrace
   Ashburn, VA 20148

All lifeguards from Ridings of Blue Springs, Kirkpatrick Farms, Residences at Main, and Loudoun Crossing will report to:
   Ridings of Blue Springs (Instructor Tanner Stewart)
   43919 Edgewater Street
   Chantilly, VA 20152

*No registration will be accepted after April 26th